COVID 19 has since been declared a global pandemic by WHO.

Nigeria has seen an alarming rise ever since the record of her index case, with Lagos State being the Epic center, resulting in the lock-down in several states to flatten the curve.




In view of the contagious and surging spread of the corona virus, the need for dedicated, continuous and professional sanitization & disinfection of; customer services centers, co-work spaces, Banking halls, common facilities, mass and rapid transport facilities, parks, schools and markets, among others, across the state cannot be over emphasized.

Not all carriers are immediately symptomatic, thereby compounding the risk of the spread, as they can unknowingly deposit droplets.



The importance of disinfecting as part of infection prevention and cleaning protocols cannot be undermined at this time!

With the threat of Corona-virus, everyone ought to be conscious of disinfecting and sanitizing in a bid of ridding their environments of this dreaded virus.


Exterminate Viruses and other Bacteria

With the application of WHO recommended chemicals through misting and fogging we are able to eliminate viruses and other infectious diseases that may have found their ways into your space.



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