When cleaning our homes, most people are focused on wiping the windows, mopping the floors, dusting the shelves, taking out the trash, washing the convenience, maybe washing the trash can. However, in view of the Global Pandemic (Covid19), there are lots of little things in our homes that should be cleaned regularly to further minimize any risk of illness.

Here are 3 things that also need attention during this Lockdown:

  1. Doorknobs, handles & switches

These are not just some first point touch but often the most-touched places in our homes. Regardless of our newly acquired sanitizing and regular handwashing culture, it’s easy for us to deposit bacteria/coronavirus and other germs on these spots. Ensure you wipe them regularly with a disinfecting agent.

  1. Couches

Our couch is often one of the dirtiest pieces of furniture in our homes. They often accommodated dirt from our clothes and droplets/crumbs from our foods. This is a good time to dust/vacuum/detail our couch/sofa.

  1. Phones, Electronic gadgets & Remote controls

Similar to the doorknobs, they are some of the most-touched or frequently used devices. Even if you wash your hands regularly, it’s easy for bacteria and germs to build up here. Make sure you wipe them regularly with a disinfecting wipes. Do not wash with soap and water…


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